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Our Services

If you know what you want we will provide that efficiently with the minimum of fuss.

Many people however find the range and complexity of options a little overwhelming. At WD Thomas & Sons we will thoroughly and sympathetically explain your choices and provide a full explanation of the costs.

The usual options are:



Cremation is the process by which a person who has died is turned into ashes. Once the cremation has taken place, the ashes are then returned to loved ones to scatter or to keep.

The cremation takes place at a crematorium, where you can also have the funeral service. Alternatively, you can have the funeral service at a place of worship and then have a shorter, committal service at the crematorium.

Direct Cremation

With Direct Cremation the process of cremation (without guests) is separated from whatever ceremony or otherwise you want. The ceremony can take before or after the cremation. This may helpful if the available time and environment of the cremation do not meet your needs.

Direct cremation costs less than those with family and friends in attendance.



If you want your loved one buried there are a number of considerations such as the location, whether you want to hold a graveside service and what sort of headstone or other memorial you would like. We are happy to explain how we ensure your wishes are met.

Both cremations and burials may be religious, non-religious, simple, traditional or bespoke. These are some of the options available:

  • Religious / Non-religious
  • Natural & Ecological
  • “Celebration of Life”

We are also able to offer advice and prices on coffins, caskets, urns, headstones/masonry and transport.